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What is the main advantage of using an AT&T Authorized agent?

  • An AT&T Authorized agent is a local resource.   Zulli & Associates services clients throughout the United States but the primary focus is on Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. Most importantly you can select who will support your company rather than have the telecommunications carrier assign someone to service your account.   Zulli & Associates has experienced employees that will not be removed from your account every six months.  Retaining the same person who supports your account is key to receiving quality service.nbsp;
Can I work with both Zulli & Associates and AT&T resources?
  • Yes, very easily.  AT&T has developed its agent channel to augment it direct employee resources.   Zulli & Associates has had almost 20 years of direct experience with the local AT&T branch which supports the Eastern and Central Pennsylvania areas.

Do I have to pay Zulli & Associates to work with our company as an agent?

  • The answer is no.   Any activity associated with the installation of AT&T services would not result in any charge to your company.   Zulli & Associates derives its revenues from AT&T compensating us for these activities which may have been provided by local sales branch employees in the past.   The only time Zulli & Associates would charge for any services would be for consulting services.  Each consulting engagement would be clearly defined and contracted in a fully executed written document prior to any work being done.

Will my company pay a higher rate for our AT&T services because Zulli & Associates is an agent?

  • No.  AT&T rates are the same if provided by a direct employee or an authorized agent.  The major difference is Zulli & Associates always offers the best available rates no questions asked.  The goal is to make telecom services simple.

Can you provide services to my locations outside this area?

  • Yes.  Zulli & Associates can provide data and voice services anywhere AT&T can today.  That includes international as well as domestic US locations.

Is an authorized agent similar to a reseller?

  • No.  An authorized agent provides the same services as a direct AT&T employee.   The maintenance, billing and implementation are all provided by AT&T.   Your authorized agent is simply your local resource to help support your company in managing the day to day telecom activities.

Can I change from another agent to work with Zulli & Associates?

  • Absolutely - you can dictate who supports your company's relationship with AT&T.   The selection of an authorized agent finally gives you the power to determine who you work with for the first time.