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Invoice Auditing Services

All telecommunications companies are bound to have errors in their invoices. These can be caused by improperly implemented contracts or human error. But did you know that most have tariffs and service guides that will only allow you to recover the last six months of the billing error? That makes review your invoices a critical part of managing your company's telecommunications services.

Zulli & Associates assists companies by "out-tasking" invoice audits. To properly manage the invoice audits each invoice should be reviewed every six months. Also, if you have a change to service such as adding new features, locations, moving locations, this is the time many invoice errors take place.

The following Invoice Auditing services are available from Zulli & Associates experienced staff:

- Invoice Reconciliations

- Resolve Carrier Invoice Disputes

- Secure Refunds from Carriers

- Manage Quarterly Invoice Audits

These services are based on a contracted hourly rate and never require your company to share part of the refund as payment. For more information please call 610-691-3000 for a free consultation.


Previous Audit Savings

- Bill Consolidation $89,000 saved

- Discovery of old circuits - $3700/month savings