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What is an Authorized AT&T Agent?

An authorized agent is a company that is trained and meets strict criteria set by AT&T. Your company should only partner with an authorized AT&T agent since AT&T will be responsible for all installation, ongoing maintenance, billing and contract terms. Your company will still be dealing direct with AT&T and receive the same rates available to any AT&T customer while receiving the best local account support.

Why partner with Zulli & Associates?

Zulli & Associates develops a relationship with your company and learns about the networks and services needed to run your business. The importance of knowing specifics regarding your network and services greatly impacts the level of support your company will receive. This knowledge can only be learned as part of a long term relationship. If your sales representative has changed more often than you care to remember than you may be living a harder telecom life than necessary.

"The best telecommunications network with the worst customer support loses to the worst telecommunications network with the best customer support."

Most Requested Services

- Frame Relay to MPLS

- Voice over IP WAN's

- International MPLS

- Voice over IP Long Distance/Internet bundle

- Traditional Long Distance

- VPN remote Access