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All telecommunications companies will eventually have a service outage. If not, all would be 100% uptime and not 99.9%. What should you do when this happens with your AT&T services? The following telephone numbers will help you to begin the troubleshooting process.

AT&T Maintenance Numbers:

- Business Direct - 800-221-0000

- AVPN MPLS, Frame, Private Line, ATM - 877-288-3499

- PNT MPLS) & MIS (Internet) - 888-613-6330

- Voice (LD) Services - 888-222-1000

- Local Voice Services (AT&T LNS) - 800-829-1011

- Toll Free Advanced Feature (AFSC) - 800-325-5555

- Switched Voice Services - 800-222-3000

- Dedicated Voice Services - 800-222-1000

- DSL Service - 877-937-5288

- Local Services - 800-829-1011

- SDN/OneNet - 800-344-5100

- Managed Services (MRS, EVPN, ANIRA) - 800-727-2222

Please escalate each hour service issues exist to the next level. AT&T has six levels of escalation for service issues. Please use these escalation resources if service is not restored or diagnosed

The above maintenance numbers will allow you to open a trouble ticket via an automated attendant phone system. The initial call will not connect you to an AT&T technician. A call will follow shortly to the contact name and number you provided.

To allow for a quicker trouble ticket process and the ability to manage the history of previous tickets, please use the AT&T Business Direct web tool. If you have not used the tool in some time, please call 610-691-3000 and Zulli & Associates will help you reactivate the tool and show your company how to use it to manage your telecom assets.


Maintenance Tips

- When calling AT&T maintenance, make sure to have your circuit ID that is having the issue and the name and number of the local contact who an AT&T technician should work with.

- AT&T maintenance procedures state that after one hour if the trouble is not identified and or you do not feel the diagnosis and fix is acceptable that you can escalate to the next level of the maintenance group. AT&T has levels one (initial call) to six (VP Level) of escalation. Each has a one hour time frame to be resolved before escalating. If necessary, make sure to ask the technician to escalate.