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Why consulting services?

Planning your telecommunications strategy today is more complicated than ever. Deciding if your frame relay network will be a good candidate for migration to MPLS or if VoIP service is right for your company are two of the tasks many IT managers being asked to evaluate.

Has your company already decided to migrate its network to MPLS but now you need to coordinate the migration from your old carrier to the new carrier and want to avoid months of double billing? Zulli & Associates can help.

What help can Zulli & Associates provide?

We can provide assistance on an hourly basis or as a fixed cost project to assist your company with a project. Zulli & Associates is very comfortable with large projects but more importantly even the smallest project will be handled with the attention it deserves.

Please call 610-691-3000 or email for a free consultation to see if your company can benefit from consulting services.

Consulting Examples

- Provide inventory of services in place today

- Provide market information for budget planning

- Project planning new network installations

- Coordinate timely disconnects of old services

- Combine invoices & contracts for new acquisistions